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How Do I Apply?

There is a four step process for enrolment into Acts2CoME. Please read carefully and follow the steps. The purpose of these steps is to help recommend the most appropriate course, find out the support that you need and achieve success. There are no exemptions for LLN Assessment. If you are enrolling online, please make sure it is the right course. If you are not sure please contact the college.

Four Step Process

In line with the increasing awareness of literacy and numeracy issues in vocational training and government regulation around this concern, applicants are now required to complete an LLN assessment to ensure each student has the appropriate skill level.

Should gaps be identified, options will be investigated to support applicants in reaching the necessary levels. This support may occur either prior to enrolment, if the gap is significant, or if the gap is minor, during normal training in the chosen course at the college. Testing is online through the Australian Centre for Education Research using validated tools which will test your reading and writing skills.  LLN levels for our units and courses have been set in reference to the Australian Core Skills Framework.

Please contact the college to obtain a log-in to enable you to complete the testing. The application fee is payable at this time.

Applications can be submitted in hardcopy or scanned and emailed. The $55.00 non-refundable application fee should accompany applications. Applicants will be asked to nominate the payment method and will be invoiced accordingly. Payment can be through bank deposit or in cash/cheque at the College. Please include a copy of photo ID of yourself.

Please download and complete

Fulltime students are invited for an enrolment interview. Online students studying fulltime can do this online by arrangement with the college, if required.

Government requirements require anyone who is studying a vocational education  to have a USI before Certificates can be issued.

The USI will allow all of an individual’s training records, entered in the national vocational education and training (VET) data collection, to be linked.

To apply for a USI, click here