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Application Fee

Full-time students are required to pay a one-off, non-refundable fee of $55.00, to be submitted with their enrolment application form. Part-time fees are to be paid in full at the commencement of the subject or unit.


Certificate I in Active Volunteering (CHC14015)

Full Course


Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC24015)

$750 whole course online; $1,500 on campus or $350 per unit


Certificate III in Catholic Youth Ministry and Leadership (11011NAT)

$2,100 whole course; or $350 per unit


Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry (11012NAT)

$2,800 six months full time or $350 per unit block (subject per term)


Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care (CHC42315)

$4,000 per year full time; or $350 per unit block (subject per trimester/ intensive)


Diploma of Catholic Youth Ministry (11013NAT)

$5,000 whole course; or $450 per unit.


Fees are to be paid in advance per term.  Students not paying in advance will be required to enter into a Fees-contract (usually by fortnightly installments).

Acts2CoME aims to be as flexible as practicable with fees payments. Please discuss your particular situation with the Principal.


There is an application fee of $150 + the ‘per unit fee’ for each unit of competency for which RPL is sought.  These fees must be paid at the time of application, unless an arrangement has been made with the Principal.


Students are required to have a Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Ignatius Press, 2nd Edn and a Catechism. Students will be invoiced for the cost of texts required and issued to students at the commencement of each course.


Where courses are taken for personal development, a reduced fee of $200 + GST ($220) per term applies.


Discounts may be available for groups of students from one organisation on application.


If the College is for any reason unable to complete the delivery of a subject for which a student has paid fees, the full fees paid for that subject will be refunded within 14 days of the cessation of the delivery of that subject.

Any fees paid for a course that is not delivered (e.g. because of insufficient enrolments) will be fully refunded.

Where a student withdraws prior to commencement of a course of study or within the first two weeks of study, the full fee minus an administration fee of $55 will be refunded to the student. Where the student commences study, but withdraws after the second week, there will be no refund for those courses in the current semester, however if fees have been paid for future semesters, these will be refunded in full.

If a student is suspended or dismissed because of excessive absenteeism or unsatisfactory conduct or attitude, or failure to follow the College’s policies and rules, then no refund will be given of the application fee or the current semester’s fee.


Fulltime students may be eligible to apply for Youth Allowance, Austudy, or Abstudy through Centrelink. To do so, the student requires a letter from the College confirming enrolment. Students should request this at their admission interview. It will be up to each student to approach Centrelink and to meet its requirements.