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Our Funding Position

Acts 2 College is a Catholic private registered training organisation that relies totally on student fees and donations. For the first ten years of the college, all staff were voluntary.

Through the growth in student numbers and a small number of generous donors, we were able to begin paying the majority of our training and administrative staff an award wage. However there are many who still offer their time on a voluntary basis. Despite our quality training being provided on campus, online and within school partnerships, our reliance on student numbers and donations for our budget means there is constant financial uncertainty.


How Can You Help?

May I request you prayerfully consider supporting the work we do within the Church? The College is a Designated Gift Recipient (DGR) under S30 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and hence all deductions $2 and over are fully tax deductible. You may feel you could only offer a small amount or you may have capacity for more. You may be able to make regular contributions or prefer to make a one-off donation. Whatever you decide, we assure you not a cent will be wasted. Should you wish to come and see how we operate, you would be welcome to do so. Our contact information is on this site.

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