Scholarships and Bursaries

Full Scholarships

Scholarships and Bursaries

Acts2CoME offers a number of full or part-time scholarships each year to cover course fees for Certificate IV and Diploma ministry courses. Scholarships may be sought on either academic, leadership/ministry or hardship grounds. Book costs are not covered. Further details can be found on this page.

24/7 Youth Ministry sponsors Certificate III students for part tuition fee for in class students working in 24/7 Ministry.

Acts2CoME provides scholarships to assist and encourage students who show a desire to grow in faith and a commitment to Christian service or ministry. Encouragement is given to meritorious students via the Academic scholarship. The Financial Hardship scholarship is considered for students whose opportunities may be limited because of financial need.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for consideration, students must:

1. Be Australian citizens or permanent residents
2. Meet eligibility criteria for studying at Acts2CoME
3. Demonstrate a commitment to Christian Service or Ministry; or a desire to grow in their Christian faith or Ministry
4. Enrol for full-time study
5. Produce documents supporting their application type:

Academic scholarship – records of academic merit from School or Tertiary institution

Financial need scholarship – documentary proof of financial hardship including receipt of government assistance e.g. HCC or ATO assessment.

Book and other fees are not included.

Acts2CoME offer Scholarships to students who display merit in the following categories:

⧠  Academic Scholarship – Applicants who display academic merit from previous study

⧠  Leadership Scholarship – Applicants who display leadership potential

⧠  Ministry Scholarship

and financial aid via Bursaries:

⧠  Bursary (full fee)

⧠  Bursary – part assistance

Bursaries are considered on a case by case basis for students whose opportunities may be limited because of financial need.  Applicants can apply for one year of fee assistance in the case of ongoing financial hardship, or a one off payment to assist in the case of short term financial aid.

Scholarships are subject to change and the details including application closing dates will be listed each year on the College website. Please read the conditions that are part of this application, and collate all documentation before submitting to the Principal

Download the Scholarship Application Form

Eligibility criteria for scholarship

Other Scholarships and Bursaries

Catholic Youth Ministry offer a full scholarship to Acts2COME to study youth ministry at certificate IV level each year. Please contact CYM for further information Perth CYM.  The Biblical Commission, run by Archbishop Hickey, also offers scholarships for study. Acts 2 College is one of the institutions for which scholarships are available. The BJ Hickey Biblical Foundation can be contacted through the Archdiocesan Office in Cathedral Square. Applications for this scholarship close towards the end of October or early Novemeber each year.

A number of other Catholic organisations are prepared to support students studying for ministry. These do not have any connection to the college but may consider students for their funding. These include Knights of the Southern Cross and the Catenian Association (, the latter of which has a fund specifically for scholarships for young people who wish to attend organisations such as ours.

Another organisation which provides funding for ministry is the Union of Catholic Apostolate (UAC), founded by St Vincent Pallotti in Rome in 1835. It endeavors to spread the concept of a Church in which all people are actively involved. The UAC offers scholarships/study grants to enable lay people to further their understanding and skills in leadership/ministry or a specialised activity which is consistent with UAC aims and objectives. An application form for the scholarship/study grant is available from: The Secretary, Vincent Pallotti Scholarship Trust, 85 Studley Park Road, Kew, Victoria, 3101; or by emailing