Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision for the College?

To be the preferred provider of accredited vocational Catholic Ministry training in Australia.

Who is the College designed for?

People of all ages. The majority will be young people aged 17-35 however we also have older singles, married couples, parents, and retired people. The program is designed for any adult who wants to learn and grow in their relationship with God.

How long is the program?

The Certificate I, II, and III programs are available online. The Certificate IV and Diploma programs run from February until November in class and are also available online. Contact hours vary depending on the program. The Certificates I, II, and III will be taught in blocks through Acts2CoME. When auspiced through Catholic Secondary Colleges, they will generally last one to two years in conjunction with existing schooling.

Why do people attend?

The majority of students come to learn more about God’s plan for their lives, to grow in their relationship with Jesus, to come to a deeper understanding of their faith, and to be “equipped” to live out their faith in a meaningful and “dynamic” way. The experience of living in a vibrant faith community allows God to reveal more and more of His purpose for each person’s life.

What about accommodation if I am coming from another State, or overseas?

The College does not offer residential accommodation. Within an easy bus ride there are a variety of accommodation choices. Families within the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community, and the local Parish, may also be available to accept boarders.

What will I learn at the College?

Participating in Acts2CoME is really an experience of dynamic Christian living. Our teaching staff present courses designed to be informative, engaging, and interactive. In addition students have opportunities to learn practical ministry skills such as communication, music ministry, public speaking, leading small groups, establishing and running a youth group, and a variety of other skills. As part of the curriculum, students will be involved in areas of service and ministry. This may include youth outreach, conferences, retreats, assisting the needy and underprivileged, etc. As the Lord helps each individual become more aware of their gifts and amazing potential they will have the opportunity to utilise them.

What can I look forward to the year in after College?

As students grow in their relationship with God, and develop their knowledge and skills, they will be attracted to different ministries and experiences. The College is about equiping students for ministry to youth, missionary work, parish ministry, priesthood, sisterhood, lay apostolates, music ministry, university, marriage, and many more things. Whatever our graduates do, the key is learning to surrender and say “yes” to God’s awesome plan. You can make a difference!

How much does it cost?

Application Fee (one time; non-refundable): $55 (including GST)

Tuition Fee for Certificate III is $2100.
Tuition Fee for the Certificate IV is $4000.
Tuition Fee for the Diploma is $4500.

The price applies to fees paid in advance per term. The first term’s fees are to be paid prior to commencement. For more info on fees for the various courses, see our FEES page.

We do allow students to pay their fees fortnightly or monthly, through a Bank periodical debit system. Students not paying in advance will be required to enter into a Fees-contract. A 3% administration fee will be applied for all Fees-contracts
The College seeks to be as flexible as practicable with fees payments. Please discuss your particular situation with the Principal.

Can I apply for Youth Allowance/Austudy/Abstudy?

Fulltime Certificate students may be eligible to apply for Youth Allowance, Austudy, or Abstudy through Centrelink for Certificate  IV.  To do so, you require a letter from the College confirming your enrolment.  Please request this at your admission interview.  It will be up to you then to approach Centrelink and to meet their requirements.