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Catholic Ministry
Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry (11012NAT)
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Our Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry has been developed to provide students with tailored training in a range of ministry skills as well as foundational formation in scripture and Church teachings from a Catholic perspective. This is a generic Catholic ministry qualification.

Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry (11012NAT)
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Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry (11012NAT)

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Typical roles for a Certificate IV graduate include pastoral assistant and ministry leader within a Catholic parish or organisation. Tasks and activities will include, but are not restricted to: organising and facilitating ministry groups; developing pastoral relationships; communicating the gospel, including giving presentations and leading small groups; researching aspects of the Catholic faith in order to be able to discuss teachings and their applications with others; organising a range of  ministry events; reflecting on their own spiritual growth and leadership development and implementing practices with the view to improving both; and walking alongside participants in their ministry to assist and mentor them in their Christian journeys.

The course structure consists of 4 core and 5 electives. Up to two electives can be drawn from another accredited course or training package subject to approval from the course coordinator. It is taught part-time on campus over a year. Students can complete the course online in six months. Students can also enrolled mixed-mode, studying a combination of online and on campus.

Completion of the course also requires 54 hours of practicum in any Catholic ministry.

Core Units

NAT11011001 Develop Christian leadership skills
NAT11011002 Promote the Catholic faith in interactions with others
NAT11012002 Analyse and apply spiritual lessons from the Apostolic Era
NAT11012001 Communicate the life and messages of Jesus Christ to others

Elective Units

BSBTWK201 Work effectively with others
CHCVOL001 Be an effective volunteer
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
NAT11011003 Develop spiritual life plans
NAT11012003 Present liturgy in a Catholic context
NAT11012004 Plan and implement an evangelisation strategy


  • Students must have completed year 10 or equivalent


  • Study key teachings of the faith
  • Delve deeply into scripture
  • Learn and apply ministry skills in a practical setting

Target audiences

  • Those who are keen to serve in various lay ministries in the Church

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Certificate IV in Catholic Ministry (11012NAT)
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